Light and non-greasy, the Serum Corporel is a unique Body Serum! It contains a high concentration of specific active ingredients. Its emulsion-gel texture enhances the penetration of the slenderizing/subtile agents. Skin is more toned, smoothed and soothed! This product is ideal for a prevention treatment to slow down the accumulation of fats, maintain a smooth and firm skin and keep a slender silhouette.

Ingredients Performance

• AHAs: Stimulation of cell renewing. Keratolytic activity.

• ALGAE EXTRACTS (palmaria digitata): Improves drainage and stimulates blood circulation.

• GINKGO BILOBA LEAF EXTRACT: Improves blood circulation.

• SILVER BIRCH EXTRACTS: Toning and astringent.

• HORSE CHESTNUST EXTRACTS: Draining and toning, vasoconstriction.


• SILANOL: Restructuring and regenerating agent, improves skin firmness.

• ALCOHOL: freshness, improves product penetration.

Apply daily while massaging gently. The serum is rapidly absorbed. This serum can be applied in the morning and/or evening after the shower..

Bioslimming Smoothing Serum

Perfect for Anti-aging and Firming