Bioslimming wrap Technique BIOSLIMMING is a unique revolutionary slimming wrap. Due to the strength of the products the professional products are only available to qualified therapists.

Preparation and Bioslimming Technique Supply needed: Clear plastic wrap film -Surgical gloves - Spatulas - 1 Blanket - 2 Towels - 15 ml Measuring Seringes/dish.


Helps reduce to 1-4cm (1-2.5 inches) per measured area in only 60 mins! Dramatically decreases the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 47% and help decrease appearances of stretch marks.!

Step 7

After 30/40 minutes cut the plastic wrap with blunted scissors being careful to cut away from your client’s body. Cover the legs and stomach with a large towel and quickly pat down to dry skin. Then ask your client to turn around. Remove the wrap and dry client’s skin with large towel. Remove wrap around the arms and dry skin.

Step 11

Prescribe the Bioslimming Homecare to maintain and enhance results. Advise clients to have a course of treatments and for a maximum benefit use Bioslimming Trio in -between appointments. The Bioslimming trio is scientifically formulated to enhance and maintain the results after the Bioslimming Spa Treatment. The Trio can be used on its own without having a spa treatment and will give great results, however the results are more dramatic when combined with the Spa treatment. The reproduction or use of this brochure for advertising or promotional purposes on the internet without the prior written consent of Provence Cosmetics is strictly prohibited.