How often can a client get this treatment?

The formulas are highly concentrated so we recommend not to exceed 3 Bioslimming active wrap/a week.

How long does the client stay in the wrap? We recommend 30 minutes. ()Do not exceed 45 minutes.

Is it generally sold in packages?

we recommend to offer in your menu:

1 Bioslimming Active wrap

6 Bioslimming Active wraps

6 Bioslimming Active wraps + At Home Bioslimming Trio kit

if at home products are purchased, would you recommend using them the same day as treatment or wait until next day?

Wait until next day to use the homecare. Same do not exceeds 3 Bioslimming treatment/week.

Would it be ok to put client under heated blanket or does it need to be a regular blanket only ? Both can be used. during our clinical test the client was under a low heated blanket for 30 minutes.


Do you have measurement cups or can you recommend a kind to purchase for this procedure? We do provide the cups in our account opening package. We prefer glass to plastic in general - it is more eco-friendly and nicer to present to the client. however any clean measuring cups will work.

Can I use a machine with Bioslimming Active Wrap ? NO Bioslimming Active Wrap is a 60 to 75 minutes Spa  treatment highly concentrated in active ingredients. No radio frequency machine or electric device should be use during the Bioslimming Treatment.   Infrared Sauna, infrared blanket, heated spa bed, manual roller or wood massager can be use during the treatment.

Can I use LPG prior to a Bioslimming Active Wrap? you could but it is recommended not to perform a too long and too powerful massage prior to the Bioslimming active wrap. Do not exceed 15 min and make sure to apply Bioslimming products on a clean and dry skin.

Can client receive a spray tan after doing the Bioslimming wrap? No spray tan before or after the Treatment. we would recommend to wait 72 hours.

Can guests safely steam before or after? Best to steam before.

Are they tested on animals?
Bioslimming is not tested on animals.